Wa Hong International Consultants Limited provide one-stop professional and value-for-money business solutions, especially focusing on corporate strategy, human resources and sales management, introduced as follows:

Training Services

Our team of professional instructors are professionals in the business and finance industry. They have a high level of enthusiasm for education and training, in addition to their professional qualifications and rich practical experience. We offer a wide range of training areas including:

Corporate Operation
  • Team building
  • Leadership motivation
  • Business management
  • Corporate supervision

Sales Service
  • Sales management and skills
  • Service management and skills
  • Group service training

Human Resources
  • Performance evaluation
  • Workplace planning
  • Recruitment and interview skills
  • Increased employee loyalty
  • Trainer training course

Investment and Financial Management
  • Fundamental analysis
  • Technical analysis
  • Investment psychology
  • investment instruments

Wealth Management
  • Wealth management
  • Financial planning
  • Retirement planning
  • ORSO/MPF courses

Personal Enhancement
  • Expression and eloquence training
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Spiritual enhancement
  • Interpersonal communication skills
  • Personal character self-awareness

In addition to the above areas, individual and group training services such as continuing education courses (CPD/CPT), psychological counseling, career planning, life coaching, etc. will also be provided. There are also related courses on child financial management, eloquence, and expression skills.

Royal Recommended Course
  1. Marketing excellence
  2. Self-transcendence
  3. Estate planning tool
  4. Office emotional intelligence
  5. HNW customer financial planning
  6. Playing an elite team workshop
  7. Investment tools and technical analysis
  8. Professional trainer training course
  9. Win the customer’s heart (service skills course)
  10. All-round eloquence and expression skills training camp

Training cooperation

Today’s business community is highly competitive. Many savvy companies choose to focus on their own business and thus, for some jobs that are more flexible and professional, they will be outsourced to save costs and streamline the structure. The most common example is the information technology and customer service call center. Our company can provide one-stop and tailor-made training services for client organizations, including:

  • Training need analysis
  • Design of staff training path at all levels
  • Develop various training courses
  • Teaching various training courses
  • After class assessment
  • Feedback

Staff engagement

This is a category that employers are very concerned about today. Salary promotion is just a short-term solution to the problem whereas enhancing employee loyalty is the long-term strategy. One of the measures that allows employees to learn and able to reach work life balance is to provide light meals (usually healthy foods) in the workplace at lunchtime (or on a regular basis), supplemented by different topics of short talk which content is easy to take, such as decompression, EQ, eloquence, investment, economy; even music, movie appreciation, etc., about 45 minutes each.

Consulting and consultancy services

Our company provides a full range of professional consulting and consultancy services, including corporate restructuring, corporate management, sales management, service enhancement (including mystery customers and various questionnaires) and human resources, specializing in talent upgrading, maintenance, assessment and various training programs.

Co-ordination and hosting of corporate events

Our company also undertakes the co-ordination and hosting of various corporate events, such as the anniversary celebration, the spring festival/Christmas gala, the singing/talent competition, etc., including the design process and programs, and the provision of masters/hosts and various performances such as singing, dancing and magic.